After working with children and young people with a variety of disabilities for just over 40 years, I retired in the summer of 2015.

Initially, I trained and practised as a teacher. I taught children with severe learning difficulties (SLD) for 12 years, specialising in communication. My last post was that of deputy headteacher.

Whilst teaching, I gained a Master of Philosophy Degree. I investigated the use of the Language Assessment Remediation and Screening Procedure (LARSP) (Crystal et al., 1976) with children who have SLD.

After leaving teaching, I was the main carer for my young son for about 4½ years. During that time, I retrained as a speech and language therapist (SLT).

During over 20 years as an SLT, I worked with a variety of children and adults. For 8 years I was the SLT at a school for children who had severe visual impairment and additional disabilities. I also worked with cognitively able children and young people with visual impairment; with young adults with learning disabilities, including those with visual impairment; and with sighted children and young people on the autism spectrum. I was one of a very small number of SLTs who specialise in working in the field of visual impairment.

In 2006, I became very interested in visually impaired people who also have autism, and was Leader of the Visual Impairment and Autism Project: see the Visual Impairment and Autism page. (Note: each link on this page opens in a new tab).

I had several articles published in professional magazines, and delivered training to a wide range of practitioners and to parents.

Latterly, I worked as an independent speech and language therapist.

Since retiring, I have become a volunteer Ambassador for Send a Cow. For a little more information about this charity, please go to my Send a Cow page. This will open in a new tab.

Crystal, D, Fletcher, P & Garman, M (1976) The grammatical analysis of language disability. London: Edward Arnold