Send a Cow

Send a Cow is a charity based in the UK. It works in seven African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Lesotho. Send a Cow’s programmes provide a proven package of on-going support and practical training, including farming skills, gender equality, sanitation and money management – alongside livestock, seeds and tools – to ensure some of Africa’s most marginalised people have the confidence, knowledge and skills to help themselves out of poverty.

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Here are a couple of photos showing people Send a Cow has supported. Click on a photo to enlarge it (opens in a new tab).


Heifer International - Cameroon. March 2009. Western Highlands Integrated Livestock Development Project (21-0713-01). Meat goat project in Kedjom Ketingoh Village, North West Region, Cameroon. Chuketam Hunger Fighters Group. Chuketam Hunger Fighters Group's members have experienced increased nutrition, income, and quality of life since the introduction of meat goats into the community. Mr. Tiaku Samson (44), his wife Mrs. Tiaku Glory (35) and their daughter Tiaku Precious (11 months) with one of their family's HPI kid goats. Mr. Tiaku Samson (44): ÒIt is better to work as a group and make the work lighterÓ said Mr. Samson. Mrs. Tiaku Glory (35), wife of Mr. Tiaku Samson: ÒEducation is important for all of my children because the world is changing and education allows them to change with itÓ said Mrs. Glory. -Photo by Jake Lyell.